The Legislative Session began January 7, 2013-this is the beginning of a 2-year bill cycle.
During the first part of a new bill cycle, the Legislative Advisory Committee under the leadership of Meredith Cooney, will review all proposed bills and select those they will Support, Watch, or Oppose.  They will be guided by our legislative advocate, Tricia Hunter.  Once the final bills, the Council will be watching are determined,  a bill folder will be posted and updated on a regular basis.

We have provided a detailed calendar for the 2013-2014 Legislative Session.  This document includes schedules for the regular sessions, holiday breaks, weekly committee schedules, Assembly standing committees, and schedules for sub-committees.
Bills & Bill Folders: Bill Folders for this legislative cycle will be posted when they become available.


AB 2062:  Certified Surgical Technologists:  & RN Language from Legal Counsel About AB2062

Letter of Intent for Community Paramedicine Pilot Project-This project is ongoing.  To learn more visit http://www.anacalifornia.org/commparamed.html

Report from CA BRN: Reports from BRN meetings will be posted here when they become available.

General Legislative Information:

2014-2015 Governor’s Budget Highlights Department of Health Care Services

Legislative Tool Kit:
Want to get involved in the legislative process?
Don’t know what to do?
Through our legislative liaison, Tricia Hunter, we are providing a tool kit rich with information to get you started. Each item in the tool kit is listed separately to make it easier to pick and choose. All together you will have a powerful information source.

State Resources:

All nursing statutes are under the Business & Profession Codes and they can be accessed by going to www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html.

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California Assembly

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