The Operating Room Council of California to Disband

Dear ORNCC Colleagues,

 I can now report to you with sadness that all steps have been taken to dissolve the 501 (c) 6 that was ORNCC, OR Nursing Council of California.  As you were aware we began this process last year.  As of December 31, 2015, the paperwork with the state of California was complete.  We are now in the process of filing our 2015 taxes, and that should be the final step.

 We take great pride in our history, founded by visionary OR Nurse Leaders in the state of California in 1983 – 32 years ago.  They saw a need in our State long before any other State Councils were in existence. During that time we have been a voice for perioperative nursing and our entire profession in California.  We assisted in the formation of CALNOC, participated in writing the first RNFA Position Statement in California, provided perioperative practice insight to the BRN of California, testified numerous times before boards and legislators in our state, participated in the development of the California Institute for Nursing and Healthcare (CINHC) and became a member of their Advisory Council.  CINHC is now HealthImpact, carrying on the work of CINHC and acting as the repository for the work of the California Action Coalition in CA, implementing the recommendations of the IOM report, The Future of Nursing, Leading Change, Advancing Health.

 The AORN website now lists 29 other states with Councils.

 Unfortunately, like many other organizations in these changing times, we struggled with membership and participation in the last few years.  After many conversations with members and attempts to identify their needs and reinvigorate our organization, it became clear that, in its current form, ORNCC could not succeed.  We determined that the best course was to dissolve the organization and allow the opportunity for something entirely new to take its place.  It provides perioperative nurses in California a chance to imagine a new, dynamic structure – one that can be designed to meet the needs of today’s clinician.

California law requires liquidation of all remaining assets.  With feedback from former Chairs, it was decided to divide our assets between the Flowers for the Float Nursing Scholarship (administered by ACNL) and HealthImpact, the new name for CINHC (see above).

 If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Gayle Sarlatte, RN, BSN