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Please see the attached letter from our colleague, Merideth Lewis-Cooney.  At the AORN Expo in March, she surveyed those present from California in the House of Delegates about their desires for the future of ORNCC.  MLC letter Sept 2015.  If you, too, want to see ORNCC revitalized in a reconfigured form, please respond to Merideth directly at sfmerideth@ma.com  or 415-260-9749.  PLEASE GIVE HER SPECIFICS OF WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO DO BY SEPTEMBER 15TH.

As I told you when I wrote about putting the Council on hiatus, I believe it must be those of you who are still clinically active determining what the Council can do for you.  Thankfully, Merideth and others are willing to put effort into shaping the Council to meet those needs.  I and other past Chairs are still willing to mentor, but it must be those of you active in the clinical setting “leading the charge.”

All my best,

Gayle Sarlatte